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Top Landscape Design Trends for 2020

With a new decade upon us let’s go over what I think the top landscape trends will be for 2020. These are trends based on my own personal opinion and what I see our company installing more of this year. Let’s dive in.

Large Slab Paver Patios 

It’s no secret that patios are a great addition to your outdoor living space. Slab pavers have made leaps and bounds in not just how they look, but also how they’re made to withstand the elements, making them increasingly popular. One product we are very excited to work with is the new line of pavers High Format (formerly known as Rosetta) is coming out with. Their products are a wet cast product that give you an elegant look, while being able to withstand harsh northern winters along with freeze/thaw and corrosive deicers. 


From the soft summer sky to the deep memorizing sea, indigo is the color of the season this summer. Blue plants continue to be the most sought after hue in the garden section–from hydrangeas to salvia. Ornamental edible berries are also adding blue tones to create beautiful picturesque landscapes. 

You should also expect to see indigo in containers/pots, pillows and other outdoor decors.

Artificial Grass

Why artificial turf you ask?

No more mowing, no irrigation,  no chemicals, no mud tracked through your house when it rains, no dead spots in the middle of the hottest seasons of the year, no grass clippings scattering into your beds, low maintenance, it’s pet friendly and so many other practical reasons. 

Maintaining the beauty of your lawn with a pet can seem next to impossible. Synthetic grass gives your four-legged friends a suitable pet turf that does not need regular upkeep.  

Artificial grass systems are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, making it perfect for playgrounds, parks, and other common areas. Keep your kids safe and happy with a long-lasting surface.  Installing synthetic turf can liven up any entertainment space. We can provide landscaping for swimming pools, tennis courts, sports fields, front or back yards, and more.

Brick Garden Edging

Stand out from the rest of the neighborhood with custom brick edging. 

Brick edging creates a crisp, clean edge and flow around your landscape beds. Add this to your new landscape project, or get a revamp with this custom brick edging and a fresh layer of mulch. 

This is sure to be a trend setter in 2020.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can transform your landscape after dark. Highlighting can be added to showcase a tree canopy, pathways, steps, retaining walls, and so much more. Landscape lighting defiantly adds a wow factor. A simple addition for your outdoor living space that creates dramatic flair. 

Small Water Feature

As Michigan-based landscape and garden designer Deborah Silver says, “The presence and sound of water in the garden is sparkly, restorative, refreshing, and relaxing” (if you need proof, just take a look at some of these fountains in action from her company Detroit Garden Works).  Adding a small water feature or bubbler to your outdoor living space will certainly set your mind at ease every time you hear it. A small investment with a big impact.

All of these options can easily be added to your existing landscape or outdoor living space. Adding these personal touches are sure to make your home the outdoor envy of the neighborhood! 

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